Five Investments That Are More Profitable Than Bitcoin (Article and Video)

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Five Investments That Are More Profitable Than Bitcoin

Five investments that are more profitable than Bitcoin

Miguel Cuneta, the co-founder of the Philippine company Satoshi Citadel Industries, has drawn attention to far more important things than any leap in cryptocurrency.

A friend of mine recently attended church. Speaking to the parishioners, the priest told about bitcoins. Isn't it the best evidence that bitcoin has firmly entered our lives? Of course, Bitcoin's incredible popularity in 2017 directly related to the rapid growth of its price and its success as an asset, currency, and investment. No other investment compares to bitcoin, which grew by almost 2000% in 2017. What has been the most profitable thing in the last two or three years? Damn it, if in 2010 you bought $ 100 worth of bitcoins, now their value is reaching $ 100 million! What can compare with this? We also recommend reading New Cryptocurrency Bitcoin God Will Not Repeat Bitcoin's Explosive Success.

However, there is such an investment if you know where to look. Note that an investment is not necessarily money. We are not talking solely about profits and income. An investment is a commitment to a phenomenon that you believe in and that you strive to support financially and spiritually. Support can be expressed in the fact that you donate money, effort, work, time, and other intangible resources.

Here are five investments that should prefer over Bitcoin.

Physical health investment

How many of you haven't slept for eight hours in the past month? If you are immersed in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, you almost certainly think of sleep as not the most important thing and prefer viewing market charts to it. However, people who sleep less than the recommended seven to eight hours are more at risk of becoming victims of cardiovascular disease, obesity, depression, diabetes, and even dementia. So experts say. Studies have shown that people who sleep an average of four hours a night are four times more likely to get colds and flu. What is the use of accumulating wealth if the pursuit of it will lead to suffering and disease if it has not already led to it?

Many crypto traders and miners forget about exercise as well. They sit in offices all day at computers, eating coffee and McDonald's fries. Again, you can be a lucky owner of coins, but what is your use if you end up spending them on doctors and medicines?

In the global picture, a market crash is not a real problem. Money can always be returned. Much more effort, money, and effort will be required to restore shaky health.

Exercise for several hours a day. Even short walks can do wonders for your health. Doing yoga or boxing takes the stress out of the bitcoin world. Long sleep allows a person to meet another day full of strength and joy.

Investment in mental health

Are you one of the people who are continuously interested in bitcoin's price and checking the status of altcoin portfolios? Are you constantly on Reddit and other social networks with their toxic environment and eternal squabbles? Do you work in a blockchain startup and are always on edge, because you are not sure that the office will not close tomorrow? Or have you invested a decent amount in an ICO that is not doing well? Situations like these create deadly stress.

A healthy mind is more important than a healthy body. Stress is killing us. A person in excellent physical condition can fall prey to mental fatigue. The world of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is a source of tremendous stress. Take a break. Relax. Block out all this for a while. Try to feel grateful for what you have. Wanting more shouldn't put you under stress.

It is a marathon, not a sprint. Even if you take a week's vacation, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will not disappear anywhere. If you haven't rested in years, do so now. The investment is worth it.

Investment in studies

Learning new things, the brain produces endorphins, thanks to which we feel a sense of lift. Try to invest in the opportunity to learn something new. Mastering bitcoin technology is not an easy task, and there is always something to learn along the way, day in and day out. Buy books about Bitcoin and related technologies - cryptography, blockchain, etc. Monetary policy and economics should also be in your area of ​​interest.

Again, do not dive into the study of trading, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies with your head. When we invest in a new set of skills and abilities, the brain starts to work harder, which keeps us energized and motivated. Learn to write programming codes, master the art of publicizing Bitcoin, practice jiu-jitsu, or even play an instrument - learning any new phenomenon will have a beneficial effect on your physical and mental health. You will be able to stay energetic and go about your daily routine in a good mood.

Invest in meaningful relationships

No, "relationship" with Blockfolio and Coinmarketcap doesn't count.

Suppose you are a participant in the fierce twitter wars over the "birthright" of a particular bitcoin version — a frantic defender of bitcoin in debates with its opponents. Seeking peer sympathy and support on sites like Reddit, try to look at your behavior in detached terms and realize that these are unhealthy tendencies and attitudes.

Yes, interacting with an altcoin that you hate and with whom you continuously swear on the network is precisely a relationship, albeit full of hatred, anger, and stress.

Invest in meaningful and meaningful relationships. If you are already connected with people by them, don't let Bitcoin or any work destroy them. I have seen a bitcoin obsession lead to the collapse of a relationship. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are exciting technologies, and, naturally, people become their true enthusiasts. Still, if passion prevents the construction of new and meaningful relationships or, even worse, destroys existing ones, then this is a bad scenario.

Meet new people. Don't forget old friends (and stop talking to them about Bitcoin, unless they ask themselves). Be sure to visit your parents if they are alive, as they will not stay in this world. After I opened Satoshi Citadel Industries in 2014, I began to devote less time to my family. My father passed away last year, and it was not easy for me to get over it. You can return the lost money, but you cannot return the precious days spent in the company of loved ones. Investing in a relationship will never make you regret it.

Investment in character

Usain Bolt ran just two minutes in the finals, winning major medals and earning millions of dollars in a matter of seconds. Can we say that he was lucky? Not. These accomplishments required 20 years of hard work and grueling training. It is the meaning of investment.

Invest time and energy into working on yourself, becoming a new person. Be strong in spirit. Experiment with new things. Remain humble. Make time for fun! Make new friends. Be curious and interested. Surround yourself with people who can teach you something. Appreciate the present and give up toxic relationships. Find a job you like.

Yes, bitcoin is essential, but many people have fallen prey to this phenomenon - look on Twitter and see. The development of new technologies and infrastructures for the benefit of future generations is an important mission. Still, if it is carried out at the cost of physical and mental health and social well-being, one should think about whether the game is worth the candle.

Believe me, and this is not a complete list of investments that will bring you much more than investing in bitcoin or related projects.

Article and video on the topic: Five Investments That Are More Profitable Than Bitcoin.

Author: Jonathan Burroughs