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Top 5 Most Successful ICOs Of The Year

Top 5 most successful ICOs of the year

The outgoing year was the year of the first experiences of raising funds using ICOs: if the initial token offerings held at that time were able to raise $ 300 million at the beginning of the year. Over the next 12 months, the startups collected more than $ 3.75 billion of cryptocurrency - 12.5 times more than all previous crowd sales combined.

Bancor - $ 153 million

Bancor is a new protocol that converts ETH tokens into any other cryptocurrency that can independently regulate its price using smart contracts. The opposite side, be it an exchanger or an exchange, is not required, the price calculated automatically. The operation only requires a web wallet. The company plans that this approach will save the rates of new cryptocurrencies from the influence of exchanges. We also recommend reading Five investments that are more profitable than Bitcoin.

Bancor's crowd sale came second after FileCoin in terms of speed, with $ 150 million raised in the air in just three hours in mid-June.

Status - $ 108 million

The startup is creating an application that combines a browser and an open-source messenger. All of this enables users to interact with decentralized applications that run on the Ethereum network. Bancor and Status placements were the first to cause a massive disruption in the Ethereum system - the blockchain was then unable to process all transactions in ether. Some of the funds returned to investors.

FileCoin - $ 205.8 million

FileCoin is a user data storage solution. The project-based on the IPFS decentralized network protocol. Any user can download and install special software to allow decentralized storage of data on PC hard drives. In addition to the reliable safety of data, users receive tokens that can be exchanged for various cryptocurrencies. Owners of hard drives using FileCoin will earn money by connecting excess disk space to the system.

The FileCoin crowd sale took place intermittently from August 10 to September 7, and the startup raised $ 135 million of this amount in the first hour. $ 52 million was raised during the pre-ICO in US dollars from investors from the AngelList list.

Tezos - $ 232 million

Tezos raised $ 232 million in Bitcoin and Ether in 14 days in July. The startup is developing an alternative to Ethereum - a smart contract platform on its blockchain, which, due to the participants' built-in consensus system, will be able to develop automatically and without hard forks. However, over the past months, the platform has never been launched, and investors have not received a single token. And have already filed several lawsuits against the company. All this happened against the backdrop of internal conflict in the startup.

Investors' concern about the current situation is understandable since the future of the project is currently in question. Against the backdrop of the news, token futures fell 75%. According to lawyers, it is likely that during the Tezos ICO, the US securities law was violated. If it is proven that Tezos tokens are "securities" sold to American investors without proper registration with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the transaction may be terminated by law.

EOS - $ 883.4 million

Developers are raising money to create a new smart contract platform for decentralized applications. This project should solve the most difficult problems of the blockchain. No transaction fees and parallel execution of many tasks are still the key benefits, beautifully described in the White Paper. But developer Dan Larimer already has successful projects on his account, so there is a high probability that this project will justify investors' investments.

The crowd sale of the project has been going on since the end of June. By October, the project raised $ 440.8 million in bitcoins and ethers, but it raised the same amount in three months, according to the data on the company's website.

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Author: Jonathan Burroughs